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Vacating A Property – The Guidelines

31 Mar 2016 Coomera 0 Comment


This document provides a guideline to the process and timeframes involved when you vacate a Property. It is recommended that these guidlines be read as soon as possible as it may assist you in the return of your bond.

The timeframes and guidelines provided have been taken from the legislation governing Residential Tenancies in Queensland.

If you have any questions please contact the Residential Tenancies Authority (“RTA”) on 1300 366 311 or www.rta.qld.gov.au.


We confirm the Notice received and also provide you with all associated paperwork to help make the vacating process as smooth as possible.

At this stage we will also begin the process of advertising the property for rent.  If you have allowed our Agency access to the Property for activity to reletting the property, our Agency will contact you ahead of each appointment.


Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, rent is to be paid to the Agency up to and including the day you vacate and handover keys to the property.

Please do not stop paying rent and assume that this amount will be deducted from your Bond as the Bond is NOT to be used for rent payments.  If required, the Bond may be used for costs associated with returning the Property back to the way it was at the start of the tenancy except for fair wear and tear.


Refer to the Entry Condition Report provided at the beginning of the Tenancy in your Moving In Kit.  See if there are any changes to this report allowing fair wear and tear.

Use the Cleaning Checklist provided as a guide to assist you in cleaning the Property.

If time does not permit you to attend to the work required yourself then we can recommend Professional Companies who provide the following services:

Cleaning – General Cleaner Details
Lawns, Gardens, Paths – Lawn Maintenance Details
Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Cleaner Details

Once the above has been actioned recheck against the Entry condition Report and complete the Exit Condition Report provided to you by the Agency.


On the vacate or handover day, return all keys and paperwork in the supplied Vacate Envelope to the Agency before 5:00pm.


You will be invited to attend the Vacate Inspection with the Property Manager which is to be completed within 3 business days after you vacate.  A date and time will be scheduled.  We will try to accommodate a day or time to suit you, though it depends on availability.

If you cannot or do not wish to attend the Vacate inspection, please ensure you give our Agency the best contact details for you so the Bond can be finalised quickly.

If attending the inspection, it is a good idea to take general cleaning items in case a spot clean is required in a few places missed.  This saves time so you don’t have to return again.

If further items require attention, the Property Manager will notify you of details and you will be given time to rectify, generally a 24 hours timeframe.

After items have been rectified, the Property Manager reinspects the Premises and completes the RTA Form 4 – Bond Refund form for you to submit to the RTA.

If the item remains unsatisfactory, or you do not wish to return to the Property to attend to the issue(s) we will engage a professional cleaner or contractor to attend to the issue(s) and a claim will be made from the Bond for the costs associated.  During this process, communication will be made with you by the Property Manager.

Unless otherwise discussed with you, the Bond Refund form will be completed within 3 business days of you handing over the property to the Agent.


We try to resolve the issue as promptly as possible to enable the Property to be relet and to refund your bond amount that is not in dispute if applicable.  This means the amount of Bond required to complete the work will be held at the RTA until the matter is resolved one way or another.

You may contact the RTA and complete a Form 16 – Dispute Resolution form.

The Agency can engage a professional cleaner or contractor (or both) to complete the items that need to be rectified and obtain Tax Invoices forming part of the claim on the bond amount held.  Usually a mediator from the RTA acts as a third party to help resolve the disputed bond amount or issue(s).

As a last resort, the Tribunal is in place to deal with the disputes and a decision is made by a Referee who considers evidence provided by the Agent and the Tenant related to the matter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or the RTA if you have any questions

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Vacating a Property The Guidelines

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